Top 4 Locations for Family Photography in Merrill, Wisconsin

Finding the best location for your Family Portraits doesnt need to be a daunting task. There are so many places to go with Merrill, WI being known for the City of Parks, but let’s not be afraid to venture to surrounding areas as well that are within a 20 minute drive.


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Riverside Park provides beautiful scenery throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall. The winding river creates a beautiful backdrop adding in color from the Fall leaves and provides depth to the image.

riverside park family photography

Walking down the boat landing provides beautiful views of the river as well as displays the gorgeous fall color with the trees peaking out from behind.

family photography

Riverside Park provides plenty of space for families to run and play. If you have a large family or are looking for an extended family session, Riverside Park would be my recommendation.

2. STANGE’S PARK - Merrill, WI

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Another beautiful location in the heart of Merrill, is Stange’s Park. This park provides bridges, rocks, trails, an plenty of scenery! The backdrop here never disappoints.

winter family photography

I just love the winter look at Stange’s Park solely because of the iron bridges. They add so much character to portraits while the Pine trees add some subtle color back into the images. Embrace Wisconsin winters and get outdoors with a portrait session!


grandfather dam family photography

Grandfather Dam is a stunning choice for Family photography. The 20 minute drive north of Merrill is absolutely worth it! The winding trail follows the river and with Fall here in Wisconsin, colors are just beautiful. Plenty of room for a family to go on an adventure!

grandfather dam family photography

Bring along a blanket and tell some stories with siblings. This little spot provided the best view of the location in the background for the kids.

grandfather dam family photography

All of natures elements are provided within this one location. If you are an outdoorsy family and love adventure, let’s capture those family photos right here!


helenes hilltop orchard merrill wi photography

We are pretty spoiled here in Merrill to have such a beautiful orchard just on the outskirts of town. My favorite time of year at the orchard is Fall. You arrive to the smell of Fresh Apple Cider, Pumpkin Pie, and a variety of bakes goodies. If we can make it past the barn, we will find rows and rows of a variety of Apple trees. This is a favorite location of mine just because of the little color the apples bring in to the images.

helenes hilltop orchard Merrill Wisconsin family photography

While at the orchard, there is also a Pumpkin Patch! What you wear as a family for colors, we can get the apples and the pumpkins in one session! I love the pop of color in the background from all the pumpkins.

Helene's hilltop orchard merrill wisconsin family photography

Kids sure do enjoy their time at the Apple Orchard. It’s a great way to turn a Family Session into a Family Fun Day! You can find Helene’s on Facebook or by visiting their Website.